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Alphamax Partners Ltd sensor network

Sensor Development Capabilities

RFID sensor
RFID Sensor
ISM-GPRS base station
GPRS base station

In its many years in business Alphamax Partners Ltd has distinguished itself with its skills in acquiring real-world data and developing networks to allow large volumes of such data to be accessed by webservers and local computers. On various projects we have developed sensors for vibration, motion, humidity, temperature, voltage and current, as well as various optical sensors.
The raw data gleaned from these would be of little value without the signal processing and networking systems, which we also developed. Our knowledge of the various networking technologies available allow us to achieve a near-perfect fit between the customer requirements and that which is technically practical.

Sensors and sensor networks developed by Alphamax Partners are now installed in agri-tech applications (animal health monitoring), food storage application, electricity supply grid monitoring, industrial torque measurement, and energy management.

Examples of projects can be can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate links below.

Torque monitor small_pbk
Torque measurement and reporting
Wireless Sensor
Remote Wireless Sensor