Energy Management

Electrical Energy Monitors

Episensor designs, manufactures and supplies a range of high quality, high accuracy, energy and building management products.  These operate on a  ZigBee network which was developed by Episensor and proven to be one of the most reliable such networks available.
We were asked by them to develop electricity power monitors which could be integrated into their network.


The resulting products combine SOC integrated circuitry with various current sensing technologies to produce best-in-class energy monitors.  Separate products were developed for single phase and 3 phase mains networks.

The monitors employ high accuracy current transformers or Rogowski coils depending on the application.  They provide very high levels of accuracy and have a multitude of features including the measurement of Watt-Hours, Watts, VA, and reactive power, all of which are accessible over Episensor’s high performance ZigBee based network.

Episensor are a leading provider of sensor networks in the field of energy and building management.