Electronic HID Ballast

Electronic Ballast photo
Electronic HID Ballast
SELC Electronics are a world renowned manufacturer of high quality products for the public lighting industry. To broaden their market they wished to develop a unique ballast product for the public lighting market and asked us specify and develop such a product.

The result was one of the first, if not the first, commercial electronic low frequency ballast available in the UK and Ireland for discharge lamps.

By using a synthesised low frequency current waveform we avoided many of the pit-falls experienced hitherto with attempts to apply high-frequency power to the lamp. The ballast uses high-frequency switch-mode technology for both PF correction and lamp power regulation features. A special waveform synthesising circuit is used to supply the lamp with a current waveform optimised for HID lamps. A micro-controller is used to provide overall circuit supervision and an energy efficiency of 90% and over was achieved.

A safety isolated communications facility is integrated into the ballast allowing remote control and diagnostic interrogation of the lamp.
The SELC ballast products pioneered the replacement of low efficiency magnetic ballast devices and have excelled in the market place with their high efficiency, low harmonics and excellent flicker-free light rendering.
Our client is now a world leader in the field of electronic HID lamp ballast products.